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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fruits and Veggies For Fish?!

Photo By Paul Michael Van Langen

Sounds weird, right? Not only are fruits and veggies nutritional for you but they also are a great source of nutrition for your fish!

Fish need a varied diet just like you. Not only does a varied diet give your taste buds something to enjoy but it also is required to keep your body functioning properly; the same rule applies to fish.

Different fish have different appetites. Some fish will like zucchini and some will like apples; it all depends on the fish.

Some veggies are a treat for your fish and some also help their digestion too. One of these such veggies is Peas. Peas are a natural diuretic and can help fish with constipation.

Some fruits and veggies you can feed raw such as apples. Others, you can boil then serve to the fish once chilled!

So if you are thinking about going to the store to get yourself some fruit, get some for your fish too! I recommend getting the organic fruits and veggies.

Make sure to tell what you feed your fish. Be sure and send in a picture too! :)