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Friday, May 13, 2011

How To Turn A Freshwater Aquarium Into A Saltwater Aquarium Part 2

Now that you have the majority of the aquarium complete, there are two factors left that will complete the look: lighting and fish.

Step #4: Lighting

Lighting will make all the difference in the final look of the aquarium.

Saltwater aquarium lighting can be very pricey if you own a reef or have live plants. But since this is a freshwater setup, you don't need the expensive lighting. I have found some lighting that will do the trick of giving off the right type of light that you want without the huge electricity bill.

Introducing: The Nova brand T5 lighting actinic bulbs.

A friend of mine gave me this type of lighting for my aquarium and I found it gave the perfect setup that I was looking for.

This lighting doesn't need a fan or cooling system but these do get warm after being on for a little while.

Once you install the lights, you will have completed the entire look of the aquarium minus the fish! :)

If you are curious to see what this light looks like once installed, check out the picture on the left; This is my aquarium.

Step #5: Add Fish

This part is the most fun out of the whole process. If you want to complete the saltwater look, get fish that look similar to . Here are some examples for fish that will work.

*Please remember to check the compatibility of all the fish that you are putting together. The fish that I list here may not all be compatible with each other.

If you would like to purchase any of these freshwater versions, please click on the picture and you will get a direct link to the company's website. Please do your homework and thoroughly research any and all fish before purchasing them. :)

Angelfish look very similar to the French Angel.

There are some freshwater eels that do look similar to the saltwater relatives. The one pictured below is actually a brackish water eel, so technically it is freshwater. (Don't try to keep these guys in freshwater though; they will die)
Muraena retifera

Although not a perfect match, the does look similar to a . The catfish does tend to swim similar to a shark. Do remember though that catfish can and will outgrow many aquariums.

Yellow Labs
Last but not least are yellow labs. They are a very beautiful colorful fish and look very similar to a yellow clown goby.

Pseudotropheus saulosi - Juvenile Gobiodon okinawae