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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fish To Avoid

As the saying goes: "There are plenty of fish in the sea." In this case, there are plenty of fish in the sea that you should avoid adding to your aquarium. Here is a list of the fish you should avoid at all costs! (Especially if you want more than one fish or a community aquarium)

Catfish: Catfish not only get big but will cost you lots of money every time they outgrow your aquarium. They are also infamous for eat anything and everything that fits in their mouth. Any fish that you keep with the catfish will eventually become a snack. At one point in time, I was unaware that catfish ate as much as they do. Needless to say, the catfish I had ended up eating 14 of my prize possession fish. Save yourself the trouble and avoid this fish.

Sharks: Although people think that it sounds cool to own a shark, these guys are just as bad as the catfish. Sharks are very expensive to buy and to own since they require a huge amount of space to live in, top of the notch filtration and lots of live food.

Venomous Spined Fish: There are some freshwater and saltwater fish that have venomous spines. Fish that have these spines can do some serious damage to you and send you on a trip to the hospital, Not only can they harm you but those spines are there to harm other fish as well. Take my word; yet another fish you should avoid no matter how cute or cool they look.

Puffers: This category includes the freshwater puffers as well. These fish are very aggressive and will harm fish with their very sharp teeth. This fish is best kept alone. So unless you want this fish to inhabit your aquarium all by itself, don't purchase these fish.

Crabs and/or Crayfish: Unless you are extremely experienced in keeping these types of "fish", don't get them. These guys are extremely sensitive to their environment and die very easily. Crayfish also have claws and use them to protect themselves from the other fish in your aquarium. Brackish tanks are required for these guys.
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