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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fish Anatomy

Ever tried to describe your fish to someone but didn't know what each fin was called or what the purpose of each body part was?

Keep reading and you will learn all you need to know in this short fish 101 anatomy.

So here are the details on all these parts:

Eyes: The eyes are used to find prey and maneuver around. (I figure there are a few parts they are pretty obvious but I felt compelled to list them anyway. :) )

Mouth: The mouth is used to receive food, scavenge, and to fight. With egg layers, there mouth is used to transport and relocate eggs.

Esophagus: Passes the food from the mouth towards the stomach.

Gill: Gills are the breathing mechanism for the fish. The water passes over the gills and supplies oxygen to the fish. Once the oxygen is absorbed from the water, the gills push it out of the fish.

Heart:The heart pumps blood and supplies the body parts with the oxygen in the blood that it needs to function.

Liver: The liver produces chemicals that are necessary to breakdown the food that the fish eats.

Pelvic Fin: The pelvic fins aids in keeping the fish stable and upright in the water.

Stomach: The stomach is used to process the food in order to supply the body with nutrients. The stomach stores the food

Intestine: Aids in the digestion process by absorbing nutrient.

Anal Fin: This fin is used to stabilize and steer the fish around in the water.

Ureters: Ureters are tubes that pass urine from the kidneys to the bladder.

Caudal Fin: The caudal fin propels the fish forward

Kidneys: Helps retain salts in the fish's blood. (In freshwater fish.)

Scales: Provides the fish protection for their internal organs. Some fish also have sharp scale to inflict harm to predators.

Dorsal Fin: Keeps the fish upright while swimming.

Fin Ray: Bone like structures found in the fin

Swim Bladder: The swim bladder is used for buoyancy. It is filled with gas and can help the fish stay at a current depth without expending too much energy.

Brain: The brain is used to control all the fish's organs and is used to learn and hunt. Basically it does a lot. :)