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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why You Need A Garra Rufa

Garra Rufas are more commonly known in the spa setting and little information is known about these little guys but they are great for home aquariums as well.

Garra Rufas are very active little fish with a high metabolism. They are great scavengers that like to hunt for uneaten food and detritus(dead Material).

I recently went away on vacation and was unaware that one of my fish had died. When fish die in the aquarium and aren't rapidly taken out of the aquarium, then the fish begins to cause ammonia to build up into the aquarium. Since I wasn't there to take the fish out, the fish was sitting in my aquarium. Luckily my garra rufa was there and ate most of the dead fish leaving hardly anything left. When my husband and I arrived home, we found nothing but the skeleton was left to take out of the tank. Thanks to the garra rufa, the other fish survived and were left unharmed.

They are also great at cleaning the algae off of the plants and the glass in your aquarium. They enjoy eating the algae as a snack.

If you don't have any garra rufas in your aquarium, I highly recommend them to not only give you a pedicure but to also clean your aquarium. :)

If you want some more information on the garra rufa fish, please check out my other article: Fish of the Week: Garra Rufa

A word of caution... The garra rufas can be aggressive so I don't recommend that you keep it in an aquarium where there are small fish or bottom dwelling fish since the garra rufas can get territorial. Fish that are also much bigger than the garra rufa may eat all the food before the garra rufa may be able to get the food so try to keep them with fish of equal size.

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