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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why Research Is Important

There are so many things that an aquarist needs to know that it is virtually impossible to remember everything. Information can also change from time to time and it's always good to know the updates. No matter how long you have owned an aquarium you still need to do research.

Research can also help you find ways to treat and/or prevent disease, learn about fish; virtually anything else that has to do with fish and aquariums and more.

If you are a little short on cash but need to do some research for your fish, here are some resources that you can use: this website is a great start and contains a ton of helpful resources.

-The internet: The internet is a great place to find information. Take caution with following information that you find on any one site. Confirm the website's validity by continuing to do more research. By doing more research you can confirm that the information you are finding is correct. The more you research, the better.

- The library: The library has a wealth of information at your fingertips and its all free to use. Plus, it's a nice quiet place to do your research. :)