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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why Do I Need An API Master Test Kit?

When owning an aquarium, it is important that you keep your aquarium water in good shape. If you don't test it on a regular basis, things can go awry very quickly.

Here are some good reasons why it is important to own an API Freshwater Master Test Kit

-You need a test kit to start up your aquarium. While your aquarium is going through the cycling process, you need to keep an eye on where in the nitrogen cycle the aquarium is at.

*If you want help understanding the nitrogen cycle, check out this link: Why Does An Aquarium Need To Cycle: The Nitrogen Cycle


- If there is illness, checking the water quality can help diagnose the problem.Most of the time, when something is wrong in your aquarium, it has to do with the water quality. By checking the water, you can easily diagnose any problem(s). Knowing what the issue is can help you fix it much faster.

- A test kit can keep you aquarium healthy.
By checking your aquarium on a regular basis with a test kit, you can prevent a lot of disease and death from occurring. Just like regular doctor visits for humans, prevention is the key! :)

Last, but not least:

- Your fish will be happy and healthy.
Your fish will appreciate that their environment is clean and well maintained. Ok, your fish won't really thank you but you will be a responsible fish owner that shows your fish how much you care.
Having a test kit is a necessary part of maintaining a fish tank. It's a smart thing to have around.

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