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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why Do Fish Swim Into The Filter?

Sounds like a weird question, right? But apparently fish swimming into the filter does occur on occasion. But why?

Although there isn't much research done on this subject, I did ask members of the aquatic community forum if they knew anything on this subject.

The following are possible reasons that we brainstormed together:

- Stress. Fish can get stressed out and will want to jump out of the aquarium in hopes of finding a new home. Unfortunately, they don't realize there is nowhere else to go and they decide to hide out in the filter.

-Fish like to move around. In nature, fish like to swim upstream and spawn or find a new location. Since the output of a hang-on back filter simulates a stream, they try to swim "upstream".

- Food Source. Some are looking for a food source and want to venture out to look for more food.

-Another possibility could be that some fish are inclined to go with tidal flow. (This could be why it occurs around the same time in some cases.)

- Water Conditions. If the water conditions aren't suitable for the fish, they will try to escape to cleaner/better water.

Here are some tips to help prevent your fish from going up into the filter:

- Check your water parameters.

- Put a barrier around the output area of the filter. You can use a type of netting or you can move the filter pads closer to the edge so that there isn't any space for your fish to hide.

I hope this helps prevent any unnecessary fish loss. :)