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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why Compatibility Charts Don’t Always Work

Compatibility charts are a great tool when it comes to figuring out what you should add to your aquarium, but it doesn't always work. Compatibility charts are meant to fit the general population, not EVERY fish.

Take for instance tetras. Tiger barbs are a semi-aggressive fish and have a different personality than Rosy barbs but yet in the compatibility charts and suggestions, they are compatible.

In my experience of keeping both these types of fish, they are both incompatible with each other. I have heard stories of tiger barbs nipping fins and backing the rosy barbs into corners. How do these sound compatible?

One way to avoid having to take any fish back to the pet store is to do some research. If you know someone personally that has owned a fish that you are interested in, ask them questions. There is nothing better than gathering information from people that have had experience with the particular fish you are interested in.

Another way to obtain some good information about fish, rather than rely on charts and sometimes inaccurate information from the pet store, is to join a fish forum. Fish forums have lots of great, knowledgeable people that have experience with all different types of fish and aquarium set-ups.

If you are interested in joining a fish forum, a great one to belong to would be the AC: There you can find lots of experienced, helpful people.

So remember charts can help but they don't always work. Always keep an eye out on the new fish that you bring home. :)