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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When Owning An Aquarium, You Have To Be...

When you own an aquarium it's almost like you have to wear multiple hats. You have to be a:
Detective: If you are missing fish, you gotta know where they "might" have gone. You have to go inspecting the aquarium in hopes of finding them.
Doctor: If there is illness, you gotta diagnose and treat
nutritionist: You gotta be able to give the fish a balanced diet
sociologist: you need to know the community and what's going on in the tank.
and a scientist: You have to know a little science when it comes to maintaining an aquarium.
If you don't know too much about fitting into all these "professions" just yet, you will. You will need to have a lot of these types of skills in order to maintain the aquarium successfully.