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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Type Of Fish Do I Have?

By looking at a fish's anatomy, you can learn a lot. The way the mouth is positioned on a fish can help you determine what type of diet a fish has.
When thinking about purchasing fish, knowing these few simple facts can help you determine which fish might not be suitable for your community aquarium.
There are three different mouth types: inferior, superior, and terminal.

-Superior mouths are those that are found on fish such as guppies and bettas. The mouth is upturned and are an indication that those particular fish are top of the water feeders. Top of the water feeders are usually omnivorous and eat both plant and meaty foods.

-Inferior mouths are on fish that are bottom feeders such as a plecostomus. The inferior mouth is downturned and can either be shaped like a mouth or suction-cup like. Inferior mouthed fish tend to have a diet that consists mostly of plant matter.
Inferior mouths that are also accompanied with whiskers are predatory and should not be in community aquariums.

The last type of mouth found on fish is the terminal position mouth. The mouth sits straight in front of the face.
The terminal position mouth is found on the mid water dwellers and is commonly seen on the goldfish.

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