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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What To Look For When Purchasing New Fish

Purchasing fish might seem as easy as going to your local pet store and selecting the ones you want but a few more things need to be considered before buying fish.

1st Consideration:
First, you should consider where the best place is to buy your fish. The best place to buy your fish is at a local pet store that specializes in fish. The best way to find out about local shops is to do some investigative work and find out which shop best suits your needs. Your local pet shops can be very helpful when you need to learn how to setup an aquarium or troubleshoot aquarium problems. Most of these types of pet shops can also test your aquarium water for free.

2nd Consideration:
When you are ready to purchase fish, you should spend a few minutes observing the fish in the aquarium. By observing them before purchasing them you can help prevent the likelihood of getting a sick fish. Look for signs of distress such as the fish hanging out by the heater, little to no movement or hanging out at the top of the water (given that the fish is not a top dwelling fish). Another fish to avoid is a fish that has white little spots all over the body; AVOID THIS FISH AT ALL COST! This fish is sick with Ich!
(If you want more information on ich, check this out: Does My Fish Have Ich Or Some Other Common Freshwater Fish Illness

3rd Consideration:
Make sure you do your homework. Research, research, research! By doing lots of research before you buy fish, you will avoid compatibility issues with your fish and fish death.

4th Consideration:
Is the store clean? Are the tanks clean?
Don't buy from a store that doesn't keep their livestock happy and healthy. By buying from a store that has sickly or tons of dead fish in the aquariums, you are promoting the neglect and mistreatment of these fish. If you see a whole bunch of dead fish in an aquarium, chances are the fish that are alive have diseases and may die or spread disease.
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