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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What To Do When Adding New Fish

Ready to add fish to your new aquarium? Before you throw those cute little guys in there, you need to know a few things:

-As soon as the clerk at the pet store bags the fish for you, the time begins to tick. The fish shouldn't stay in the bag any longer than an hour; Even leaving them in the bag for an hour can be a major risk and you might lose some fish.

The bag that the pet store adds your fish to only holds a little oxygen in there that your fish need to breathe. The fish also need heated water and the water can only stay warm for so long. (unless they are coldwater fish)

-Make sure this is the last stop in the pet store (or anywhere else for that matter) that you are going to make. As previously stated there is limited time that they can stay in the bag.

-To try to put as little stress on the fish as possible during the transportation process; try not to shake the bag. It is best to hold the bag steady in your hand rather than throw it in the cart. The cart may shake the water when you push it.

-When you arrive at home, let the bag float on top of the water in the aquarium. By floating the bag on the top of the water you allow your fish to acclimate to the temperature of the aquarium. Allow the bag to float for a good 15 minutes.

-You will need to do something called the "floating method acclimation". Check out the following link to find out how to do it:

Floating Method Acclimation

Do not put the water from the bag into the aquarium. The water that is in the bag could carry disease or contaminants in the water and potentially infect your aquarium.

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