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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Aquarium Duties Do I Need To Do?

Photo by Paul Michael Van Langen

There are many things that you, as an aquarium owner need to do to maintain an aquarium. There is a schedule that you need to do every day, every week, and every month. If you follow this schedule you will be taking the best preventative measure against fish disease and aquarium issues.

Each day you need to:

- Feed your fish. Be careful not to overfeed them.

- Check to make sure that all the fish are alive and are not showing any signs of stress or disease.

- Make sure to check the temperature of the water and make sure it is within the parameters of what your fish require.

- Turn on/off the lights. Give your fish the proper amount of light each and every day. You can also purchase an Aquarium Light Timer if you are unable to turn the light off and on when needed.

Each week you need to:

-Test your aquarium with an freshwater test kit. Use a saltwater test kit if you have a saltwater aquarium.

- Clean the algae off the aquarium with a scrubber or a magnetic cleaner (for glass aquariums only).

- Do a 25% water change.

- If any water is lost during the week in the aquarium, replace it.

- Add plant food, if you have live plants or coral additives if you have a saltwater aquarium.

Each month you need to:
- Replace the Carbon filter. Before you place the carbon cartridge back in, clean the filter out. (Not all aquariums require a carbon filter or the use of carbon. If you don't use carbon filters, skip this part.)

- Cleaning the filter: The hoses can get clogged with algae. Check the impeller and make sure that it is running properly.

- Vacuum up the gravel. The gravel can hold lots of uneaten food and fish waste.

- Cut the plants. Get rid of any plants that are dead or need to be cut back. (This step is only if you have live plants)

- Clean up the aquarium lid; clean off any dust or water that is on the lid. Also, look at the lighting to check for any water or to see if the bulb needs to be replaced.

If it helps, print this list out as a reminder for you and leave it next to the aquarium. Keeping up an aquarium can be a lot of work but don't forget to enjoy your hard work. Enjoy watching your fish. You put a lot of work into maintaining it, why not put a lot of enjoyment in it too?


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