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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Three Types Of Recommended Filters

Different types of filters serve different purposes in the aquarium. Finding the one the is the best for your aquarium is as simple as reading on. These are some of the options for your freshwater aquarium.

There is the common Power Filter. These types are the ones that you find in aquarium kits. These filters are fairly easy to operate and are the least expensive of all the other options.
The Pros: This filter is easy to clean and easy to use. You can use many different types of filter media in this type of filter. Inexpensive compared to others.
The Cons: Although easy, this filter can get clogged easily by algae and will lose suction when the strainer at the end of the intake tube get clogged. You need to keep all the equipment clean for it to work at optimum levels.
The next option of filtration is the canister filter. The canister filter is the best type of filtration that is available but they are the priciest of the bunch.
The Pros: Excellent filtration. Allows you to add different types of filter media into the three slots that are available to do biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration all in one.
The Cons: Expensive to buy and expensive to maintain. Other than that, this is the best filter to have as it does a great job of cleaning up the aquarium.

Last but not least is the internal filter. The internal filter sits inside your aquarium and pushes the water back out into the aquarium.
The Pros: This filter does a good job of cleaning the tank. Depending on the model you get, some are designed to be concealed in your aquarium so that you have more of a flowing appearance.
The Cons:Since this filter is internal, it does take away space from the inside of the aquarium.
There are other types of filters out there such as the sponge filter and the undergravel fiter but I don't find these other types of filters to be very efficient unless you have other back up forms of filtration.