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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Three Teenage Burglars Kill Goldfish...

A burglary recently took place in Illinois that involved three teenage boys. When the police came across the crime scene, they found three dead goldfish.
The police were puzzled as to why the burglars killed the fish. The fish had been killed with ketchup and spices. Originally the police suspected that the burglars tried to eat the fish but they later found out the real story.
When police apprehended the three teenage criminals, they asked the burglars why they killed the fish. The burglar that killed the fish replied "I didn't want to leave any witnesses."
I can't believe that someone, especially one that is in their teenage years, would kill fish because they believed that a fish would rat them out.
If you would like to know more you can watch this video:

Or you can check out this article:
Goldfish killer “didn’t want to leave witnesses,” police say
What do you think about this crime? I would love to see some feedback!

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I couldn't believe this myself; it was pretty terrible. :(