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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Need More Filtration?

If you are cleaning your aquarium on a regular basis and you still feel you need some more filtration, read on.
I have recently found a way to get a little more filtration in your tank at an inexpensive price.

The items that you will need to get are:
- a powerhead
- a sponge (an aquarium safe sponge) that can slip over the intake tube
- a rubber band (If you don't buy a sponge that slips over the intake tube and stays there)
*You can also use a Pre-Filter Sponge
filter over the intake area but it is a little more money.
Powerheads are fairly inexpensive especially when compared to filters (power filters or canister filters) and they are also great at moving the water around in your aquarium.

The way that you can give the powerhead a little more of an edge is by adding a sponge to the intake tube so that it can also filter the water as it pushes out the clean water it just filtered at the same time.
The sponge doesn't look the best over the powerhead but if you have a big aquarium rock or wall, you could easily hide it.
Here is the result that I typically get after having the sponge on there for a couple of days.