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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Must Haves When Owning An Aquarium

There's the basic equipment that is needed but there is also some must have equipment that will make maintaining an aquarium much easier on you.

Here is a list of the must haves that don't cost much and can make your life much easier:

- A grabbing tool

Hate getting your hands wet when having to replace something into the substrate or getting something out of the aquarium? Well, if you purchase a grabbing tool it will help you replace or take things out much easier. I recommend using TOM Aquarium Accessories Gardener Large Multi-Tool-grabbing & trimming because it has a very simple design that is easy to use.

- Gang Valves

Gang Valves are great to use when you have an air pump hooked up to your aquarium. Gang Valves not only allow you to split the air between multiple airstones and aquarium decorations but it also allows you to control the intensity of the air going to each and every one of them.

- Air pump
Air pumps are an excellent source of oxygen for the aquarium. Air pumps also help move the water around in the aquarium making the water more filtered and cleaner.
-A Powerhead

Even if you own a freshwater tank, you can still use a powerhead. Powerheads are wonderful water circulators. The Powerheads keep the water cleaner. I recommend Marineland Penguin 550 Power Head. Marineland is a great brand at a great price.