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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Importance of Filter Maintenance

The filter is one of the most important components of an aquarium and its important to make sure that it is always in working order. Even if it is running, it may not be running to its full capacity if it isn't cleaned on a regular basis.

Just changing the filter media or filter cartridges isn't enough. If you haven't cleaned out the filter and your aquarium has been set up for a while, then  it is time to clean it.

Here, I will show you how to clean out a power filter.

1) You need to temporarily unplug the power filter.

2) Open the top of the power filter and pull out the filter cartridge and/or filter media.

3) Pull out the filter hose and the impeller. These two items will be need to be cleaned out thoroughly. Algae and slime can get stuck in the filter hose and impeller and can cause it to run improperly. The filter won't filter as much water as it is intended to do so.

4) next you will want to clean out the filter itself. The filter will have a lot of algae sludge on the inside.

5) Now that everything has bee cleaned out, put in a new filter cartridge or new filter media depending on what you are using.

6) Place the filter back on to the back of the aquarium. Place some water into the filter so that when it starts up it can begin to filter the water.


7) Plug the filter back in and make sure that the filter is running properly. Once it starts running then you know it has been placed back correctly.

Some tips for noticing when it is time to clean your filter again:

-When the water starts to appear cloudy, your filter may not be running properly; it may be clogged or not running at all.

-If there is debris stuck in the siphon hose.

-If you begin to hear the water starting to splash more loudly; the water may be overflowing and not filtering properly.

-if your siphon hose is see-through and it becoming not so see-through then it is time to clean it.