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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How To Move An Aquarium From One Place To The Next

Whether you are moving to a new house or just moving the aquarium from one room to another, there are steps that you need to take to move it successfully.

Here’s how to move the aquarium successfully:

1) Take the fish out of the water and place them into a suitable, temporary, easy-to-move bucket. To make it easier on yourself it is best to use a bucket or some sturdy container that has a handle.

*If you are moving to another house you need to fill the container only half way and make sure to have a lid that has holes so that air can enter the bucket.

2) Take out the aquarium decorations, plants, and rocks. This will make the tank much lighter and easier to move. You should never attempt to move the aquarium with anything inside of it. This may cause the aquarium to break.

3) Unplug and devices that are on or in the aquarium such as a filter or an air pump. Make sure to set them aside for quick access to them later since you need to re-setup the tank quickly for the fish.

4) Remove all the water from the aquarium. This can be a very daunting and enormous task but it must be done. This will give you an opportunity to clean out the aquarium thoroughly now that it is empty.

*Make sure to save as much of the old aquarium water as possible. The water contains beneficial bacteria that your fish need to survive. If you are moving, make sure to have lots of buckets on hand to fill.

5) Remove the aquarium from on top of the stand. Place it in a safe area where it will not get broken. Make sure to wrap the aquarium lids as well so the light fixture and the light do not break.

6) Move the stand. Move the stand to the desired location in your house. Make sure to leave enough room behind the aquarium for any external filter(s) and/or air pump(s).

7) Now that you have moved the stand, place the aquarium back onto the stand. Make sure that the aquarium is correctly placed back onto the stand; also, check to make sure that the aquarium is not hanging off the stand.

8) At this stage, the aquarium is now ready to be filled with the rocks and aquarium decorations; arrange them however you like. You may also put the filter, heater and air pump back but do not plug them in yet.

9) The water is the next step. Fill the aquarium to the top with the water that you had saved from the aquarium previously. If you were not able to save all the water, you need to add additional water that has been treated with water conditioner in order to fill it to the top. Plug in the filter, heater, air pump and any other devices needed to run your aquarium. Check to verify that the water is the temperature needed to add your fish back to the aquarium.

10) Now add the fish.

11) Last but not least, clean off the aquarium hood and put it back on top of the aquarium. Plug these in if you have not done so.

Now you may pat yourself on the back for completing this very long process.