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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How To Help Prevent Water Damage

You can't be completely certain that water damage won't occur when you own an aquarium, but you can help prevent it by checking a few things each and every day.

Water Damage is also not fun to clean up and can be costly if it goes through drywall or carpeting. Prevention is key!

- Always check the filter(s) that is/are running. Check to make sure that the water isn't getting clogged up in the filter and spilling over. Sometimes there can be a lot of debris in the filter cartridges and water can spill over.

- Use Check Valves on your air pumps to prevent water from escaping through the tubes during a power outage.

- Check the aquarium itself for any leaks. If you use aquarium salt in your aquarium, you might notice some salt residue in the area where there is a possible leak.

- Use the proper equipment when cleaning the aquarium. Use a gravel vacuum with a faucet hook-up or with a good-sized bucket. Also keep towels underneath you when cleaning out the aquarium; the towels can help soak up any splashes of water.

Last but not least, Don't overfill your aquarium. It makes it hard to add new plants or substrate if you have to much water. It can easily overflow when anything else is added to the aquarium.

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