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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How To Care For Your Betta

Betta are a very interesting fish also known as a Siamese fighter fish. These fish can be found at almost any pet shop or online.
But how do you care for them? That, my friend is the topic of today's discussion.
Betta fish are sold in little containers, and some may think that they can be kept inside of this little container, but they need much more room than that to live in for a long term basis. So, here's the supplies you are going to need to take care of that cute little guy of yours:
- An aquarium. Bettas need a minimum aquarium size of 5 gallons. Although you may see people keeping them in bowls, it isn't the ideal care for bettas. Also, please make sure to cycle the aquarium before adding your betta to it.
*If you are unsure how to cycle your aquarium, please check out the following link: How To Cycle A Freshwater Aquarium Without Using Any Fish (In Simple Terms)
- Filtration. Bettas do need filtration in order for them to live happy, healthy lives. Although they aren't kept in filtered aquariums when you first purchase them, filtration is a must! A good thing to remember is that bettas don't like a lot of current in the water so try to keep the current to a minimum in the aquarium.
- A heater. Again, they aren't kept in a heated aquarium at the pet shop, but they do need to have water that is between 75-82 degrees. Bettas can easily get stressed out like any other fish when they aren't in optimum conditions so keep them warm.
- A thermometer. You need to know the temperature of the water in order to keep it in the temperature range for the betta. A digital thermometer is a good choice as it gives you the accurate temperature of the water.
- Water Conditioner. You can't just throw a betta into chlorinated water in a bowl. Just like any other fish, they don't like chlorinated water.
- Aquarium Decorations. You will need to decorate your aquarium with lots of plants (either fake or real, it doesn't matter) and rocks/sand.
- Food. Bettas require special food pellets.
- Last but not least, tank mates. Tank mates are not recommended since bettas can be quite aggressive fish. They are known to fight to the death with other fish. Some bettas can be semi-aggressive but it all depends on the individual betta. Keep your betta by itself.
The rest include your time and devotion to your fish. Bettas need to be kept in a clean environment just like any other animal so make sure to allot some time for your pet.