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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How To Care For Live Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants can be a beautiful addition to any aquarium. Although, if live plants aren't taken care of properly they can end up costing you money and making a mess out of your aquarium.
Here are some tips to keep your plants healthy and the aquarium looking great:
- Most aquatic plants need special lighting. However, there are some plants, such as
Microsorium pteropus "Java Fern"
, that will grow with stock lighting. Flora Sun Max Plant Growth Fluorescent Lamp - 5,000K - 32W - 48 in. - T-8
In choosing the lighting, you will need to know how much light your plant requires. In order to figure this out, it is a good idea to do some research on the specific plants that you have or that you are going to buy, then choose the apropriate lighting.
Flora Sun Max Plant Growth Fluorescent Lamp
is a great light to keep the plants growing. (Make sure to get the appropriate size for your aquarium.)

Flora Pride Plant Food - 8.45 oz. - 250 mL- Aquatic plants also need nutrients. Some plants don't require any nutrients to be added to the aquarium, but there are many that do. Again, It is best to check the specifics of your plants in order to properly care for them. If you find that your plant does need some nutrients, I recommend Flora Pride Plant Food. Flora Pride doesn't contain any phosphates or nitrates and is safe to use with fish. (Just don't overdose)


API Leaf Zone
is also a recommended product.
- Whether they are planted in gravel or any other substrate, they need to be planted properly. It is important that you plant them properly in order to keep them healthy and growing. Roots can also be damaged if special caution isn't taken when planting. If you have floating plants, then you don't need to worry about this step.

- If you want to add plants to your aquarium but are unsure which plant(s) you want to purchase or just need more plant information, Here is a link to a great website for help in choosing a plant that suits your aquarium: Keeping Aquarium Plants
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