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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How To Aerate And Decorate An Aquarium

There are many things you can do to decorate your tank but you can use a
decoration that will also help aerate your aquarium.
Aerating the tank adds oxygen to the aquarium and helps filter the water
better by pushing the water around the aquarium. This will provide your
fish with much needed oxygen.

There are many types of airstones that you may use to aerate the aquarium:

Airstone Bars

If you would like to create a wall of bubbles in the background, then I would suggest that you purchase the airstone bar.

The airstone bar can also appear to add a layer of depth to the aquarium as well.


Your average 1 inch airstone.

Depending on the type of effect you want to add to your aquarium will determine what

airstones you will need to purchase.

You might also want to try an even more interesting effect by adding a small airstones underneath any aquarium decoration that has small holes in it; the air bubbles will come up through the holes. This will create the effect of a small bubble streams that your fish will enjoy swimming through.

In order to use airstones, there are three things you need to buy: the airstone(s), of course, air tubing, and an air pump. The size of the air pump that you need to buy will depend on the size of the aquarium that you own.

If you would like to have multiple airstones running at once in your aquarium, you may purchase an aquarium gang valve. The aquarium gang valve
splits the air from one air pump to multiple airstones.

The Setup process doesn't take very long and looks beautiful once you set it up.