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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fish of the Week: Red Snakehead

*This fish is illegal to possess in the United States.
Type: Freshwater

A.K.A: Giant Snakehead, Indonesian Snakehead, Fishzilla

Scientific Name: Channa Micropeltes

Origin: Asia

Member of: Channa Fish

Temperment: Highly Agressive. This fish is best kept alone due to its behavior and size.

Life Span: estimated 5-10 years. There have been some reports of this fish living up to 15.

Aquarium Conditions:
- ph: 7
- temp: 75-81 degrees

Minimum Aquarium Size: needs to be in a pond.

Fully Grown Size: 40 inches

Food: beef heart, earthworms, flake food, floating pellets

Breeding: Rarely bred in captivity unless it is housed in a large tank.

Sexing: Difficult to sex

Tank Mates: Caution must be taken when choosing tank mates. This fish should be kept with fish of the same size or larger.

Fun Fact: This fish can survive for long periods of time out of water because of an accessory breathing organ it possesses.

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