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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fish of the Week: Blotched Foxface Rabbitfish

Siganus unimaculatus

Type: Saltwater

*Caution: These fish have venomous spines*

A.K.A: One Spot Rabbitfish Foxface, One Spot Foxface Lo

Origin: The Western Pacific

Member Of: Siganidae

Temperament: shy-semi-aggressive

Life Span: 5 years or longer depending on the care given to the fish.

Aquarium Conditions:
-Ph: 8.1-8.4
-Temp: 75-82 degrees

Tank Size: A minimum of 75 Gallons is recommended.

Fully Grown Size: As big as 7.9 inches

Food: This fish is omnivorous but needs a good diet of greens such as seaweed. These fish are known to eat corals in the tank when it is hungry.

Breeding: This species is not bred in captivity.

Sexing: Difficult to tell the differences between male and female

Tank Mates: Any other community fish that are reef safe.

Where To Purchase:
Siganus unimaculatus "Blotched Foxface" - Medium

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