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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Easy Ways To Tell Your Aquarium Has A Problem

When it comes to maintaining an aquarium, it can be hard at times to know if your tank is okay.

Although a test kit is the best way to help you figure out if your aquarium has a problem, you can help prevent major problems by knowing what to look for.

Here are some warning signs of distress in your aquarium:

If you have snails or other invertebrates in your aquarium, pay close attention to them. They are good indicators of a problem in your aquarium. Snails, for example, will quickly die off when there are water quality problems.
Another sign might be more than one fish dying off. If you see one fish die off and the others are fine, it could be a possibility that something was wrong with that particular fish. If for instance, one fish dies off and the others appear stressed, then that is a good indicator of poor water quality.
If you have cloudy water days after cleaning your aquarium, chances are there is something else that is causing the cloudiness. It could be an algae bloom or it could be caused by overfeeding your fish.
Finally, Fish that suddenly stop acting normal are a dead ringer of a serious problem. If the fish appear to be gasping for air or hanging out at the bottom with little movement, test your water.
If you need more convincing on how important it is to test your water, check out this link for yourself: Why Do I Need An API Master Test Kit?
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If your fish have contracted a disease from the poor water quality, please check out the "fish disease" section of the website.