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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Easy To Keep Aquarium Plants

Live plants are always a great addition to any tank; not only are they beautiful but they are beneficial to the aquarium as well.

But which ones are the easiest to keep and the most beautiful to look at? You are in luck! I have searched around and found a list of some great plants for the freshwater aquarium beginner.

One of the most commonly used and easy to care for is Microsorum Pteropus or as it is commMicrosorum pteropus only known, Java Fern.

Java Fern
is a very easy-to-care for plant. This plant requires very little from the aquarium owner.

Java Fern has wide leaves and can provide a good supply of oxygen to the aquarium. This is also a great plant to have in the aquarium with cichlids since cichlids won't destroy this plant.

Java Fern needs to be anchored to aquarium decorations or rocks in the aquarium instead of being planted in the substrate.

Fontinalis sp. Another great plant that is available to the aquarist is Java Moss.

Java Moss is a great source of nutrition for the fish as the fish like to dine on it.

Java Moss also give a more natural look and feel to the aquarium.

Unfortunately, this plant does have some disadvantages though. The moss tends to float around in the water and can make the tank look a little messy. The moss can also get stuck in your filter and you may need to remove small particles from time to time.

Ceratopteris thalictroides

Last but not least, a smart option is the Ceratopteris Thalictroides or Watersprite.

Watersprite is a excellent starter plant and can grow both in and out of water. The
gathers the nutrients it needs from your aquarium and can help clean the water by doing so.
Of course there is always the option to get plastic plants as well if you don't feel like you are just quite ready to tackle live plants. There are lots of beautiful plastic plants in all colors, styles, and sizes. If you would like to check out some great, affordable aquarium plants, check out the link.

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