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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


If your fish looks like a pine cone, chances are your fish is suffering from one of the many symptoms of dropsy.
Dropsy is usually caused by poor water quality or by a bacterial infection.
    Some of the symptoms of dropsy are:
  • - loss of appetite
  • - "pine cone" and swollen appearance to the fish body
  • - abnormal fish behavior
  • - Your fish may hang out at the bottom or top of the water and barely moving

If you catch it in time, it may be treatable but most of the time is a fatal disease. This disease can be contagious.
    The treatment that I recommend is:
  • - Isolate your infected fish into a hospital tank so that you may only treat the infected fish.
  • - If the fish is still eating, you may be able to feed the fish medication such as T.C. Tetracycline Powder. When medcation is administered, please remember to follow the directions on the package. Overmedication or undermedicating can be fatal.
    * Please remember that this is a recommendation and that medication your fish is to be taken at your own discretion and risk.

The best way to prevent the disease from occurring is to do regularly scheduled water changes. Always make the time to test your water on a regular basis as well.

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