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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Dangers Of Aquarium Decorations

When setting up an aquarium or changing out the aquarium decorations occurs, the last thing that comes to mind is the dangers of adding such things to the aquarium.

Recently I had a dojo loach of mine pass away because it got stuck in an aquarium decoration. He got lodged into a hole that was too small for his body to fit through.

For that reason I have decided to write about the dangers of aquarium decorations.

The picture on the left is a perfect example of an aquarium decoration that may not be safe for small fish. There are tiny holes that fish can get trapped in.

Here are a few tips on what to look for when checking aquarium decorations:
- If you have small fish, such as tetras or dojo loaches, pick aquarium decorations that don't have any small holes that the fish can get wedged in.

- Look for any sharp edges on the aquarium decorations. If there are any sharp or unsafe corners, don't use it; fish can easily cut themselves on it.

- Always use aquarium-safe/approved decorations. Objects that you think may look cute in the aquarium can leak harmful chemicals into the water.

- If you are building your own aquarium decorations, only use aquarium-safe materials.

- When placing aquarium decorations in the aquarium, place them securely in the designated spot. Things can fall over on top of the fish.

- Always clean your decorations off with water before putting them inside the aquarium. Particles could be lingering on the surface of the decoration that could be toxic to your fish.

The picture on the right is a perfect example of an aquarium decoration that is safe for small fish. The holes are big enough for the fish to fit through.

Hopefully this helps save some fish. :)

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