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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Choosing The Best Location For Your Aquarium

Choosing a location for your fish tank is key especially because some fish tanks are heavy and difficult to move. If you need to more your aquarium, check out: How To Move An Aquarium From One Location To The Next.

Here are a few tips to help you decide where to set up your aquarium:

-Do you have small children? If you do, it is best to put the aquarium where small children can't bother them with constant tapping on the glass. The tapping on the glass can stress the fish out and make them afraid of their environment. Children also have a way of throwing things in the aquarium such as toys, liquid, or food. Basically, the main idea is: Keep it away from children!

-Keep the aquarium away from direct sunlight. Although it seems like a great idea to let them see outside and get as much “natural sunlight” as possible, it can actually cause more damage. Putting the aquarium next to a window encourages algae to grow in your aquarium. Heat and cold also comes off of the window even if you have blinds or curtains covering it.

-Place the aquarium in an area free of extreme temperature changes. If the aquarium is in a really drafty room or one that gets as hot as an oven, it can alter the temperature in the aquarium in a short amount of time. Not only can it harm the fish but it can increase you electric bill from the heater having to turn on and off from the constant changes.

-Another good idea would be to keep it away from doors. Keeping it around high traffic areas increases the risk of the aquarium breaking.

-Keep the aquarium near a water source. If you put it near a water source, you can easily access the water and make aquarium cleaning much quicker and easier.

-Having an electrical source nearby is pivotal. You will need a good electrical source to hook up all your aquarium supplies such as a heater and filter . Remember not to overload any particular outlet. If you can, split it up into two outlets.

-Last but not least, If you have a big aquarium, don't keep it upstairs. If the aquarium is too heavy and your support beams aren't sturdy enough you could end up with a huge hole in your ceiling.