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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Can I Keep My Fish In A Bowl?

The short answer is no. But why? Now here's the long answer:
The only type of fish that you should keep in a bowl are the fish that you see on the left.
Although pet stores sell bowls for you to keep fish in, it isn't the best way to care for your fish.
Fish need cycled, de-chlorinated water. For this reason, fish need beneficial bacteria present in their water that gets washed away each time you clean the bowl. When you have an aquarium, the filter, the rocks and the water all hold the beneficial bacteria that keep your fish thriving.
Fish also need a lot of oxygen. The surface of a bowl can't provide the oxygen needed for the fish to survive. The bigger the area at the top, the better.
Another reason why fish need an aquarium instead of a bowl is because of the space that a bowl cannot provide. Fish need room to grow, to explore and to exercise.
Finally, fish are messy creatures and need the water to be constantly filtered of the debris. If a filter isn't present, you would literally have to change the water at least once an hour to keep the water clean.
So remember, fish need space and clean water. As a fish owner you are responsible for providing them with the best care they can get. :)
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