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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why Do My Fish Keep Dying?

Fish can die for many reasons. I am going to try to help you prevent other fish from dying by trying to figure out what the cause/causes is/are.

The first main question: Are the fish that are dying new to the aquarium?

-Fish get easily stressed out from the transportation process from the fish farm to the pet store. The ones that are usually still alive and swimming around normally when you first get them are usually the stronger ones of the bunch. If you see a fish that is laying on its side or looks like it is doing cartwheels in the aquarium at the store, DO NOT BUY THAT FISH! Those are the fish that will die in your aquarium faster than the next day comes.

When choosing fish from the pet store, make sure to ask the clerk how long the fish have been in the aquarium. It is best to buy fish that have been sitting in the aquarium for a few days before you take them home so it eases the stress on the fish.

Next question: Does your fish appear sick?

- Look at the fish closely in your aquarium. Do any of the fish have any visible signs of illness? Some may have red gills, open wounds or white spots. Illnesses can occur when fish get stressed out or a parasite has begun to wreak havoc on the aquarium.

The best thing to do is watch the fish for at least an hour. Check to see what the symptoms are of the fish and see if any other fish are acting the same way. Record any symptoms and use the treatment recommended for that illness. I will be posting another blog soon about common freshwater fish diseases so that you can better diagnose the fish and treat the fish for the illness.

Question: Have you cleaned the aquarium recently?

Sometimes fish can become ill or die after the aquarium has been cleaned. To prevent illness I recommend that when you clean the aquarium it is best to remove your fish while cleaning it up. The water can become full of debris and stress your fish out.

16 Gallon Half Cirlce Aquarium
If you haven't cleaned the aquarium, it might be time for you to do so; A dirty aquarium can kill fish quite easily. When you clean the fish tank, you should do a 50% water change and make sure to add the chemicals, such as Water Conditioner , to the aquarium. You can also add API Stress Coat or Aquarium Salt (1 tbsp per 10 gallons) to the water so that the fish can have a thicker slime coat to ease the stress of the tank cleaning.

Question: Is your filtration system adequate? 

- Is the water cloudy? If so, it could be the filtration system. Please make sure to check out my other blog on how to check the filtration system. This will explain more in detail what you need to check for.

Click this link: What To Do About A Cloudy Fish Tank

Question: Is your aquarium new?

All new aquariums have to go through a process called "cycling". In my blog " What You Need To Start Your Freshwater Aquarium " , I explain the entire process of cycling and what you need to start a new aquarium up.

When an aquarium cycles, it is best to wait to add fish to the new aquarium because fish are susceptible to the escalating chemicals during this process.

Well I hope this information helps you! Good Luck and please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question! :)

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