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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fish of the Week: Licorice Gourami

The Licorice Gourami is a very colorful species of gourami. Unlike the wider-bodied gouramis, these gouramis are very long a sleek with a pointy shaped head.

Here are some facts about this interesting little gourami:

A.K.A: Deissner's Licorice Gourami

Origin: Malaysia and Thailand
Member of: Gourami Family

Temperment: Is a community fish or can be semi-aggressive. It really depends on the individual fish behavior. This fish needs to be kept in pairs.

Life Span: Up to 5 years
Aquarium Conditions:
-ph: 6.2-6.8
-temperature: 75-81 degrees
You need to also provide lots of plants in the aquarium

Tank Size: a minimum of ten gallons is recommended

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Fully Grown Size: about 4 cm.

Food: flakes, tubifex worms, blood worms. This fish likes a varied diet.

Breeding: These fish lay their eggs in caves so it is best to give them lots of cave-like objects in the aquarium if you are going to breed them. Breeding can be very difficult.
Sexing: The females are a lot less colorful than the males. The females are brownish in color.

Tank Mates: Tank mates should be small or same size as this fish and must be non-aggressive.

Where to purchase: I have had some difficulty trying to track this fish down for purchase. If I find a link, I will post it up here. :)

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Anonymous said...

I recently (December 2010) purchased four of these from maidenhead aquatics near morden.

Mrs. JayMay said...

They are a very cool fish that are fun to own.