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Friday, September 24, 2010

How To Treat and Get rid of Ich (ICK)

When fish get ich in your tank it can be stress on the fish infected (not to mention you because you are worried about your fish).

Before we discuss how to get rid of ich we should look at the causes of ich and the symptoms; once you know how to identify ich you will be able to take preventative measures against it.

Ich come in the form of little white dots that appear on a fish's body. Ich is caused by stress and/or environmental changes and is highly contagious to the other fish in the tank. You might also notice the fish rubbing themselves on decorations in the tank.

Although there are some chemicals out there that you can use, I usually opt to go the natural route. Aquarium Salt is a wonderful curing agent that gets rid of ich sooner than any other medication I have tried with my fish. Some medications that treat ich seem to have a higher mortality rate than using the aquarium salt.

Alongside treating the fish with aquarium salt, you will want to increase the temperature of the aquarium to 80 degrees; These two steps will kill off the ich.

Unfortunately, some fish might die in the process of treating them either because the fish had the ich too long or is not responding to the treatment.

After the fish have been treated for a few days you will begin to see the ich spots disappear. You will also notice that your fish will begin to behave normally again.

Once the ich is gone there are preventative measures that you can take to prevent the ich from appearing in your aquarium again:

- Do a water change for the aquarium. Make sure to thoroughly clean the decorations and plants that are in your tank.

- Try to keep a regular schedule for cleaning the tank; it helps to keep bad bacteria from growing in your tank and attacking your fish.

- If you are buying new fish, look carefully at the fish you are considering buying; the fish may be acting funny and may have the white spots on its body already. Do not buy fish from the same tank where another fish has ich. ICH IS HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS AND SPREADS LIKE THE FLU!

-Do not overstock your fish tank; this could cause stress to the fish and can add to creating lots of bad bacteria.

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