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Sunday, September 19, 2010

How Smart Are Angelfish?

Angelfish are intelligent fish. But just how smart are they?

In raising angelfish for over 7 years now, I have learned to love and appreciate my angelfish. When I first started taking care of angelfish I didn't know just how smart they actually were.

In my 55-gallon fish tank that I have currently up and running, I have 6 beautiful and smart angelfish. My fish have learned to eat from my hand.

Angelfish eggs in a leaf.
They are always excited to greet me as I enter the room.

I'm always testing my fish just to see how smart they are. The first test that I started my fish off with was shaking their food can in front of the tank right before I fed them (yes, I'm a psychology major that did classical conditioning on fish rather than a dog for all you Pavlovian fans :D ).
Of course, the smart little guys learned that when I shook the food can, they were going to get fed. Now when I feed them, I try to change the location of where I put the food in the water to see how they react. As I suspected, they can always predict where the food will go when I lift the lid on the tank.
Although I have not been able to find much information on the age range of the intelligence of angelfish I have guesstimated they are somewhere on the same intelligence level as a dog (3 year-old human).

While perusing the web, I came across a forum that talked about angelfish and the intelligence. It was a pretty interesting forum and I thought you might also like it.

Here is the link:


Anonymous said...

We have two angel fish in the office and they are just like dogs! Smarter & quicker than all the other fish combined in the tank. Never had angel fish before, but I certainly will after this experience!